Monday, November 14, 2005

In the process....

Here's a in the process picture! The green I like and I have also painted the trim in a cream.


Howard said...
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AZTLGRL said...

So how did you acheive that look? Cause I'm wanting to do like a"rubbed on" technique in my living room...Does that make sense?

Shabby Girl said...

What's up GIRLY??? That's for posting!!

That technique is a rag on, 2 colors total. I didn't really "pounce" it, I did actually rub it on!

What color are you thinking of for the living room??

I remember you worked for "Hell Depot" =) and said they sent you to school for all that cool stuff! So you should have a good eye and hand for getting the right look!

Make sure you show me pics! You know how I LOOOOOVE pictures!


AZTLGRL said...

Not sure if the hubby will let me do it...Right now we're looking at a beige/moss green combo. Our living room is a whole Forresty-woodsy-cabin type thang