Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is a linen look done for a local business

In progress; you can see the "panels" being completed

Aged Patina

Here's a library I did, the client wanted a aged look. I did a cross between a ragging and a wash, the colors were a earthy tobacco.

Bellagio again....

Here's a Bellagio in blue tones I did for a local buisness.

Close up


Seems to be a popular finish in my area right now, I get lots of requests for it. This is a Bellagio done in the front entry of a new construction. The base is a mahogany color, the client wanted a heavier top coat so not a lot of the red was coming through.

Close up

Bellagio Faux

I haven't been keeping up with logging my work here, so I wanted to update a bit. Here is a Bellagio Faux I did for a customer:

The "before" Paneled wall of BLEH!

The paneling was taken down and a Bellagio Faux was done, the other walls were painted in a straight complementary color

Close Up